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    About Haddad

    About Us

    Al Haddad Telecom was established in 1990 in Jeddah by Khaled and Bashir Al Haddad, in three leading and integrated business units and soon became a leading telecommunications company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Al Haddad Telecom operates in three lines of business, from distribution and retail to after sales services. Currently, with more than 1,000 highly qualified employees, Al Haddad Telecom is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the Middle East.

    At Al Haddad Telecom we work in a different way and follow an innovative approach in selling technical products and providing after sales services to customers by combining best prices, latest technology and wide spread.

    We value our customers when they come to our showrooms, and reflect the impression they deserve whether they are dealing with us directly or through shopping online, or when communicating with us through social networks or other means of communication.


    The distribution team of Al Haddad Telecom has the leadership at the Kingdom level, covering all regions and cities in the Kingdom with a wide network of storage outlets, transport vehicles and professional vendors. Currently, Al Haddad Telecom distributes mobile phones, tablet and their various accessories to many brands, as well as Mobily products and services.


    Al Haddad Telecom offers a variety of products and services. It is an integrated port for mobile solutions from multiple branded phones, tablet computers, modern technology products, all kinds of accessories, telecom services, maintenance, and a selection of complementing services that add exceptional value.

    Al Haddad Telecom currently has more than 50 outlets operates in 15 cities and thus covers almost all major cities throughout the Kingdom.

    After-sales service

    Post-sales services are a central part of what distinguishes Al Haddad from others. With a wide network of specialized service centers and points throughout the Kingdom, we can serve a larger segment of customers. The key to all these processes is attention to details through rigorous procedures to review daily operations to ensure that the level of service that is appropriate for our customers.